Drive in Cinema Updates for 2023

After a bit of work I’ve now got the directory for the Drive in & Open Air Cinemas updated for 2023! I’ve added a fair few features, here are the main ones.

Cinema Companies

Since the pandemic, some companies have formed to run locations and often they move about every year. If you’ve had a nice experience with a company, then be sure to leave a review on the site! We’ve also helped out those companies in directing them to the nearest location should they change location. You can see them towards the bottom of individual cinema listings.

New Feature – Accessible Movies!

Some venues in the UK run accessible films, such as those with subtitles. These are now featured on the site. It’ll be added to an advanced search hopefully very soon.

169 Open Air Cinemas in 2023!

I’ve done the maths, at the time of writing are 169 open air cinemas happening in the UK in 2023 that we know about. As the data is manually added, there may have been things I’ve missed. If I have missed or something is incorrect please let us know.

Alternatively, if you’re running an event this year and want to be featured, then let me know and I can add you to our directory for free.

Finally if you just want to kick back and watch a movie, then what are you waiting for? Find an open air cinema near you!

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