Drive in Cinema Supplies

If you are going to a drive in cinema in the UK (find our drive in cinema listings here), you’re probably expecting a cinematic experience. And you would be right, they are great, socially distant way to experience the latest blockbusters.

Whilst you may be familiar with going to the cinema but this is slightly different. Watching a movie under the stars is a great experience, but it helps to be prepared.

As such, we’ve prepared this post of things that we recommend you take with you when you go to a drive-in cinema, here in the UK or elsewhere. Here are a list of drive in cinema supplies to get the best out of your visit.

Camping Chairs/Blankets

a camping chair

To begin with, whilst drive in cinemas can mean you sit in your car, although some “drive-in” cinemas have poor viewing of the screen from your car.

You can however sit outside your car. It my be better to get a better view of the screen, and what’s not to love about sitting outside in beautiful surroundings under a starlit sky? However in doing so, you may want something comfortable to sit on. Many drive in cinemas offer “VIP” seating, but that’s usually just a chair. If you bring your own, you can save!

A camping chair would be perfect. Comfortable, and often with a drinks holder (perfect for your snacks!). This high back camping folding chair would be perfect and can easily be stored in a boot or a back seat of a car. For a budget option these Raxter folding chairs are excellent at a lower price point, perfect for occasional use. For something a bit different, why not a picnic blanket? This mid size one could accommodate a whole family, is waterproof, machine washable, and can be stored in a bag easily in the boot.

FM Radio

A portable radio.

Many of these cinemas have one or two forms of listening to the film. The first form is large speakers that play the audio out located on the side of the screen. The other is a little more personal – an FM signal is broadcasted and you’re asked to tune into a radio station. These are often short range signals, so something that can pick up these signals is well worth packing in your bag.

If you want a brand name, this Sony AM/FM Radio should do the job and is from a trusted brand. Also, this Roberts LW/MW/FM Radio gets great reviews. Don’t forget – these are portable so be sure to pack some batteries!

Drinks & Snacks

Many drive in cinemas have their own snack bars, so for hot dogs and burgers they’re perfect. However for everything else it can be expensive.

If you plan to go lots (and you can avoid scoffing them before you arrive at the cinema), a popcorn machine such as the affordable Salter EK2902 is a great investment as you can get at least enough popcorn for three visits out of 1 bag of popping corn (available here).