Everyman Screen on the Canal

Location: Kings' Cross

About Everyman Screen on the Canal

Are you looking for a unique and enjoyable way to spend your summer evenings in London? Look no further than The Screen on the Canal’s Outdoor Cinema! Nestled in the heart of the city, this open-air cinema offers a delightful cinematic experience with a twist.

What sets The Screen on the Canal apart from other outdoor cinemas is their commitment to inclusivity. All films are subtitled, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy the movie without any language barriers. So whether you’re a local Londoner or a visitor from abroad, you can kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in the magic of cinema.

Another fantastic perk of The Screen on the Canal is that all screenings are free to attend. Yes, you read that right – you can gather your friends, pack a picnic, and enjoy a fantastic movie without spending a penny. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest releases or relive your favorite classic films in a stunning outdoor setting.

So, if you’re in London this summer, make sure to make a beeline for The Screen on the Canal’s Outdoor Cinema. It’s an incredible way to take advantage of those warm summer nights, surrounded by fellow film lovers, and lose yourself in the silver screen.


  • Subtitled Screenings


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