Backyard Cinema (Manchester)

Location: Mayfield Park

About Backyard Cinema (Manchester)

Legendary film viewing experiences come alive atop the Depot Mayfield in Mayfield Park, Manchester, with Backyard Cinema. Positioned beautifully in the heart of Manchester’s first new urban park in years, the cinematic venture exudes a unique blend of nature and entertainment that mustn’t be missed.

Backyard Cinema at Depot Mayfield transforms a plain ‘movie night’ into an immersive film experience, under the stars. The rooftop offers a stunning panoramic view of the city’s skyline, adding yet another layer to your cinema experience. This alluring location infuses freshness as much as it does an exceptional vision for the ways of joining people and shared spaces in new, approachable formats.

Moreover, by providing on-site food and beverages collections, Backyard Cinema ensures that guests have a fulfilling experience. However, they request attendees not to bring their own food and beverages in line with their policies. In addition to this, the provision of on-site toilets adds to the convenience, making it a smooth outing for everyone.

This initiative is a move beyond conventional cinema, to share the magic of both iconic and lesser-known films in a completely new light. So whether you’re a film aficionada or someone simply yearning for a different night out in Manchester, Backyard Cinema at Mayfield Park could be the next ‘big thing’ to add to your social calendar.

Come and experience a night full of unforgettable memories with Backyard Cinema at Depot Mayfield, Mayfield Park Manchester. Watch a film under the stars. It’s not only about watching a movie, it’s about making the movie watching an experience like no other.


  • Food Available
  • Toilets


Groups (min. 6 people)£15.30
Date Night Package Add-On£35
Family Package Add-On£25

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